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Via Corpo Italiano di Liberazione, 52
61122 - Villa Fastiggi (Pesaro) (PU)
Tel: +39 0721 478907 - Fax: +39 0721 478858
P.Iva: 02334850415
WebSite: http://www.dvhomecollection.it
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DV homecollection - Innovation and furniture
DV homecollection - Innovation and furnitureThe origins of DV homecollection can be traced back to my family history.

Ours is a story of a love of beauty, a passion for creating beautiful things and our decision to dedicate our lives to that passion.The year was 1974, and two experienced woodworkers - my father Aldo and my uncle Giuseppe decided to begin a small scale production of tables and chairs together with their wives – my mother Lina and my aunt Lea who just so happened to be skilled upholsterers.
The result was a company that became so well-known for its high quality materials and expert craftsmanship that their products quickly became part of all of the collections of the most prestigious Italian kitchen manufacturers.
And it was on this solid foundation that I wished to create DVHomecollection, a brand all its own, whose signature would be a combination of two worlds: the Marches and our time-honored ideals of the workshop and skilled craftsmanship, and today’s global market, where service, professionalism and quick turnaround are essential.
Fabrizio Della Costanza

DV homecollection looks to the past in order to find a way to build a better future, and uses the knowledge it gains to bring the priceless value of skilled craftsmanship to large scale production. We carefully follow every step of production, every piece is unique.
Never before has quality been more synonymous with excellence, as fashion and design continue to gain importance, and it is precisely this quality that makes Italian design inimitable and unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Innovation and Furniture

  • Day zone furniture
  • Night zone furniture
  • Luxury furniture
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Art objects
  • Refined materials
  • Variant components
  • Precious details
  • Made in Italy

Attractive forms

Day zone Night zone Quality craftsmanship
DV homecollection - Innovation and furniture - Day zone DV homecollection - Innovation and furniture - Night zone DV homecollection - Innovation and furniture - Quality craftsmanship
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