Mobilpiù - Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Sofas

Via XXV Aprile, 41
61022 - Vallefoglia (PU)
Tel: 0721499480 - 348.4519225
P.Iva: 01325470415
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Mobilpiù - Bedrooms and Dining Rooms Production^
Mobilpiù - Bedrooms and Dining Rooms Production^Mobilpiùí is an expert and dynamic firm, that introduces itself on the market with definite and incisive ideas, based on the Italo Vagnini administratorís experience in the furnishings.
He has been building furniture for forty years.

The holder of MOBILPIU` Srl, Italo Vagnini, has for over 40 years on the market of furniture.

produces bedrooms, lounge, accommodation and furnishing in versions of natural wood and lacquered.
The attention to production design and details, and in particular in the choice of materials have always been the strong points.

Versatile and technologically efficient, the firm offers numerous models diversified, that satisfy every demand of furnishing.


  • Modern and Classic Bedrooms
  • Dining and Living Rooms
  • Furniture and Furnishings for the home
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Cabinets and Mirrors
  • Sofas
Modern Bedrooms Dining and Living Rooms Classic Bedrooms
Mobilpiù - Modern Rooms - Onda and Elite Mobilpiù - Dining Rooms - Regina Mobilpiù - Classic Rooms - Regina