Prof. E. Montanari Private Clinic - Accredited Private Hospital

Via Roma, 7
47833 - Morciano di Romagna (RN)
Tel: 0541.988129 - Fax: 0541.989924
P.Iva: 00413900408
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The Private Clinic "Prof. E. Montanari" founded in 1913 by surgeon whose name it bears is the oldest private health institution in Emilia Romagna was still in business.

In these one hundred years, the nursing home was constantly expanded and renewed maintaining major hotel standards and professional.

The Clinic has 80 licensed beds and 60 accredited beds, divided into two groups (medicine and surgery).

The Surgery Unit is a multidisciplinary structure that includes several of the surgical specialties (general surgery including surgery Plastic Surgery Specialist in Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Urology, Otolaryngology).
It has provided beds for surgical activity in inpatient, (lasting more than one day) and beds reserved for surgery with hospitalization of a day or "day surgery".
Also it performs activities of outpatient surgery for diseases amenable to treatment with this mode. All the activity is carried out in modern surgical operating room of the nursing home with the use of cutting-edge methods and instrumentations and subject to constant update.
They are mainly concentrating interventions planned elective surgery.
Patients undergoing major surgery, postoperative, are placed in rooms that allow a continuous and careful monitoring.

The Medicine Unit is structured as follows:
bed inpatient, where patients are admitted to general medicine to address internal medicine.
bed long-term care, where patients are hospitalized sent the deans public hospital.

Patient rooms, with 1 o 2 beds, all have a separate toilet and a request will be installed on the phone and / or TV, with availability of Sky channels, for a small amount.

Our services:

  • Medicine and long-term care
  • General Surgery
  • Obesity Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Ophthalmology Surgery
  • ENT Surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • TAC and RNM
  • Conventional radiology (mammography, opg, mineralografia bone)
  • Analysis Laboratory
  • Physiotherapy (Tecar, Laser Therapy, Rehabilitation Pelviperineal)
  • Endoscopy and Urology
  • Outpatient Polyspecialistic
Analysis Laboratory Physical Therapy MRI and CT scans
Prof. E. Montanari Private Clinic - Accredited Private Hospital Prof. E. Montanari Private Clinic - Accredited Private Hospital Prof. E. Montanari Private Clinic - Accredited Private Hospital
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